About Personal-Art and Custom Pop-Art

In 2003, a passion took an online form. Personal-Art was born, bringing together the contemporary style of pop art with the global reach of the Internet. The dream started small, with a couple of team members, a couple of clients and lots of ideas. 

The Works
The initial focus was on the two pop art classics of personalised Warhol (recently renamed as “Classic Pop Art”) and personalised Lichtenstein. And through the years, and sometimes on special customer requests, they were expanded to add styles like “iMage” (Inspired by Apple’s iPOD advertising campaign), “Black and White”Chinese and Soviet Propaganda“Street-Art Graffiti” (inspired by renowned UK street artist Banksy), “Scanner Darkly” (based on the cult movie), among many other styles.

The Creators
Personal-Art is made special for a variety of reasons. For one, it has a team of dedicated, passionate, trained and experienced experts on its side. Rather than ideating singularly, the team here specializes at providing collective art work, a feat that is possible only at a place like ours. It is these designers who collectively continue to be the company’s strength and take it forward. And it is this creative edge that makes our designs special.

The Customers

Another aspect that works for the company is its customer base. Starting out initially with a few faces, today the organization has surpassed geographical barriers and reached out to thousands of customers across hundreds of cities. Most of our customers return to us not just for the creative art we provide, but for the high amount of attention we pay to detailing individual customer needs and timeliness.

The Service
Thirdly, the service at Personal-Art is special. Modern age art meeting modern age technologies can spell magic, if the proportions are right. Apt platforms, adept programmers and great service have made a lot possible for the company. Also our team of dedicated staff provide consistent customer support on time every time. We believe in lasting customers, a goal that is translated to reality through our strong customer support staff.

The Leaders
The primary leaders of Personal-Art have always been its skilled staff. From the client executive who takes the customer order, to the designer who executes the job and to the customer support staff who help the customer identify requirements and suggests adaptations, each person who works on our team is a leader in his or her right. Right from the stage of ideating to delivering the final product and garnering feedback, our team is out there with each of its esteemed customers.

The goal setting for Personal-Art’s high standards is done by its creative and passionate management. Here, Ronan Le Breton, the owner of Personal Art, is the main person to look out for.

With a background in Information Technology and a passion for pop art, Ronan took over the reins of the company in 2010. After working in Paris for a steady period of 20 years, one day he decided to go backpacking across the world, a desire that made him quit his job and take the step into the unknown. He has worked in various creative disciplines, but made Personal-Art his choice. His addition to the company has helped enhance the scope of Personal Art, given it fresh initiative and lot of motivation.

Personal-Art ‘s Popularity grew surpassing geographical barriers, and today the organization has thousands of satisfied clients in hundreds of cities across the world.
Today the organization has a global reach. It has a range of fantastic designs. And most importantly, it has a list of happy customers. If you too, want your own personalized pop art, you are at the right station. Feel free to check the whole site and if you find something you like let us know. If you have a new idea in mind, share it with us and our creative team will guide you through. Our processes are simple and you can order what you want easily.


Block 301 Jurong East Street 32
Singapore 600301

Email: info@personal-art.com