Banksy Stencil Street Art

Street Art – Banksy Stencil Style
The stencil style of graffiti is one of the fastest ways of reproducing similar images on a medium. This style makes use of pre-designed stencils on to which paint is applied to create impressions. Most professional artists are seen to use two or three colours on a stencil art to give it the feel of depth.

An interesting story lies behind the emergence of stencil art. One day, Blek Le Rat was hiding behind the bushes to keep away from the police when he saw a number stencilled on to the wall behind him. It motivated him towards experimenting with the new media of stencils. Taking it beyond numbers and alphabets, he added images, and the concept grew to be an integral part of graffiti.

Initially Blek Le Rat began with stencilling pictures of rats all over Paris walls, calling the rat as ‘the only free animal in the city’. The British pop artist Banksy also acknowledged Blek’s influence on his work.

Artists claim that stencilling has many advantages over other forms of art. For one, an image or a complicated design can be replicated quickly and easily with the use of stencils. Also when a design calls for repetition of similar elements, stencilling can save time and help maintain uniformity. Many famous artists fuel the stencil form of graffiti. In our studio too we bring out excellent work of stencilled art.

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