Ultrasound Pop Art

The first picture of the unborn baby seen on the doctor’s screen is a memory parents always treasure. Ultrasound pop art brings out a perfect way to capture that memory and put it up on canvas. This new technique at Personal Art involves understanding ultrasound images and translating them into memorable photographs.

Our tryst with ultrasound pop art began with an unusual request from a father in 2010. He wanted a portrait of his child’s USG and we wanted to do something challenging. Our team began first by gaining technical knowledge on USGs. We came to know that the bright areas of a USG represent reflective surfaces like bones while dark areas were low reflection regions filled with either blood or urine. Soft organs like pancreas or liver appeared in various shades of grey.

After gaining technical insight, we began working with images off the Net. We worked with a range of variations, and finally attained this version. Here the fetus is kept in a mysterious undefined environment. Also, the image makes use of water, crystal blues, vegetable browns and greens, blood reds and volcanic fires. All these colours help to portray an extended idea of life.

USG portraits at Personal Art are a popular option today. Many parents opt to get these images done, as a wonderful way to capture the moments of the unborn child. If you too want a USG portrait, check out the gallery for a style you may like.

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Showing all 2 results