Andy Warhol’s Queen Elizabeth 2 Portrait style


Get your Personalised Portrait in the style of HRM Elizabeth-2’s Portrait by Andy Warhol.

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Order a Personalised Portrait from your Photos in the style of HRM Elizabeth II ‘s Portrait by Andy Warhol.


Always an amazing artist, one of the most refined and beautiful works of Andy Warhol was this creation: The pop art portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Created in the year 1995, this screenprint on paper is often a source of inspiration for many pop art artists. And it does have an interesting story.

Story of creation of the portrait

The Queen had posed for the Canada Silver Jubilee stamp in 1977 which was popular during that time. Andy Warhol, somewhere in the depths of his studio, unconnected with the occasion was starting to design the ‘Reigning Queens series’ of portraits. He finalized on four queens. To create the Queen Elizabeth portrait, he picked up the silver jubilee stamp for the image. Soon the series was designed in (F.& S. 334-337) 1985. As you compare the image to the original stamp from which it was taken, the world of difference in ‘personality’ that exists is more than obvious. The picture is thus not just a conversion, in fact pop art artists and art lovers would actually gasp at the transformation.

About the portrait

Created from this ordinary stamp, the image of-course is an extraordinary creation. The screen print on paper is today a well sought out for and highly respected creation.

Estimated between £60,000 and £80,000, one of these portraits was sold £175.000 at Christie’s in 2018.

Personal Art Renderings

The beauty of pop art lies in its ease of replication. While purchasing such an artwork may be out of bounds for many of us, buying a style-replica is extremely easy. Artists at the Personal Art studio can provide these personalised replicas at a fraction of the cost, personalised with your digital photograph.

Suitabilities and Unsuitabilities

Each style has a story and does not match with everyone. We recommend this style for women, young girls and children as the soft colours of this Warhol style suit them extremely well. Family portraits in the style are also recommended. Family portraits in the style are also recommended. Here are some samples that the studio brings forth for you to better comprehend the complete picture. For an individual assessment do not hesitate to contact our team of artists from here.

Though many portraits of the Queen exist today, this pop art rendering has earned a special place because neither was it commissioned and nor did the Queen pose for it. Keen observers can also note that the way in which the image was traced, shows that Warhol was not simply copying but was rather trying to understand what emotions went behind that face. And did the Queen like it? While that has not been recorded, most of her subjects seemed to have loved it, as they vied to view the original and also got their own portraits done in that style.


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