Andy Warhol’s Style Portrait – Grain Pop Art


Get your Personalised Grain Pop Art Portrait in the Style of  Andy Warhol’s Portraits.

You can upload 1 photo per Person/object to be in the Design. You can also upload a Sample you like to give directions (IMPORTANT: Save it first, then Upload it, don't drag and drop our sample directly from this page or you'll have to reload the page).

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Order a Personalised Portrait from your Photos in Andy Warhol’s Style with a Small Grain to Give more Realistic Faces. In One or Several Boxes.

Personalised Pop Art Portrait – Texture Art (Grain Pop Art)

Another off-shoot of classic Warhol portraits, this adaptation helps to create more lifelike pictures. Artists here make use of small dots on the picture that are barely visible. However the addition of these grains, give realistic looking portraits. The colour schemes used in grain pop art are similar to the Warhol style. However you can adapt the colours to suit your personal choice or home décor.

This form of pop art is a wonderful way to add life to Warhol style of pop art. The images can be printed in one or more panels as the samples show. We suggest that you go through the various samples, before finalizing on what you like.


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