i-Photo Pop Art


Get Your Photo Portrait in this Classic yet Creative Pop Art Style.

You can upload 1 photo per Person/object to be in the Design. You can also upload a Sample you like to give directions (IMPORTANT: Save it first, then Upload it, don't drag and drop our sample directly from this page or you'll have to reload the page).

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i-Photo Pop Art

Inspired by advertising visuals from the recent years, i-Photos are ideal when you want your photograph to appear classic, simple yet creative. The images of i-Photos are done up in a manner that highlights your facial features, expressions and moods. You can choose a colour background to suit your personality or home décor.

The i-Photo is a take off from the silhouette style, but with a lot of difference. Facial features are clear and expressions given much more preference than the shape of your body. Ideal as a gift for a friend or for displaying at your home, these i-Photos are truly contemporary pop art, as they bring in the touch of current day advertising.


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