i-Silhouette Pop Art


Get Your Sihouette pictured in this Classic yet Creative Pop Art Style.

You can upload 1 photo per Person/object to be in the Design. You can also upload a Sample you like to give directions (IMPORTANT: Save it first, then Upload it, don't drag and drop our sample directly from this page or you'll have to reload the page).

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i-Silhouette Pop Art

The shape of your body, your posture and hair style are the main features that define you in these i-silhouette portraits. The face and skin tone is usually painted pitch black, to create this form of image. Our experts suggest that you get an action shot of yourself.

i-silhouettes appear as dark images on a brighter background. You can choose the colour for your silhouette’s background and opt for one to match the décor of your room. You can also add your own personalised message to the canvas, giving it a look of élan.

If you have more personal preferences for designing your i-silhouette, get in touch with our team members and detail your requirements. We can provide you that personalised touch in whatever manner possible.


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